For any kind of date you can use the “Date” component which can be filled in by typing or by using a build in calendar.


The “Date” component comes with a lot of different properties that you can use for custom formatting.


The default label is “date” but you can change this to any question you like, for example “When were you born?” or “On what day would you like to make an appointment?”.


Around the world there are different kinds of ways to format a date, while some start with the month others start with the day or even year. This property let’s you specify your preference.


This property lets you define which separator should be used to separate the day, month and year.

Start of week

This property influences the day notations on the calendar.

Use the current day as default

If the answer to the question is usually the same day as when the user submits the form, you can help them by turning this feature on. When you do the field will be automatically filled by FormFinch with the current date, so only users who want to explicitly change the date will need to interact with the field.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Date submissions

The properties “Format” and “Separator” also influence how you will receive the data as a submission. Therefore, if you want to import that data into another program, it might be a good idea if the property setting you choose are compatible with how that program handel's date formatting. However we recommend you base your choices primarily on the methods your users are most familiar with.