Drop-down list

Whenever you have a question with a long list of predefined possible answers that don’t need to be compared to each other a “Drop-down list” is the best component to use. Probably one of the best examples where drop-down’s are most common are for selection a country.


A “Drop-down list” offers the following properties


Just like most other components a “Drop-down list” has an optional label in which you can state your question.

Hint Text

If there is no obvious answer to use as a default you can choose to use a “hint text” like “please select..” or leave it blank.


Of course a “Drop-down list” needs items from which your user can select the correct answer. You can add an item by pressing the “add item” button, delete them by clicking the “trash can” icon, drag the to rearrange the items and change the text.

When the answers are usually the same, for example most of your clients are from a specific country, we recommend u use that option as the default. You can select the one you want as a default by clicking the radio button (little circle) that belongs to that item.

Mark as required

Like most components you can turn this option on if you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form. But with this component it also determines whether or not a blank option will be added. If the question is optional, this blank option will appear when someone opens the list on a form, making it possible to unselect an item.

Drop-down list submissions

“Drop-down list” submission data only contains the text value of the selected item.