Long Question

When you expect a long answer to certain question you can use the “Long question” component. This component provides your user with a textarea input which is a text field that can contain multiple lines of text and can be adjusted in size to make it even bigger.



You can insert your question here.

Hint text

A hint tekst will be displayed in the input field and can be used to provide your audience with hints to correctly answer the question you asked. Once the input field is selected the hint text will disappear allowing the user to type their answer.

Min. length

If you require your users to submit an answer that is at least of a certain length you can specify this with this property. We do recommend you mention the minimum length requirement in your question so your users know exactly what is expected of them up front.

Max. length

Although a long answer can be useful in many cases because they can contain a lot of information, you might end up with more information than you asked for. When you notice you are spending to much of your valuable time reading about trivial things that don’t really answer your question, you might want to consider limiting the allowed maximum length of the answers. You can achieve this by lowering the default 600 characters limit of this property.

However, if you want to allow your users to submit a longer text this property can be set up to a maximum of 4000 characters.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Long question submissions

The whole answer to the long question will be presented as one line of text. Any added new lines will be removed.