Multiple choice

The multiple choice component can be used whenever you want you user to pick one or more items out of multiple choices. This make this component functional similar to the checklist, but it’s distinct design will surely grab the attention.

Also the multiple choice answers can be selected by clicking the item directly or by pressing the keyboard letter that represents the item.

Example of multiple choice question orientation options


The multiple choice component has the following properties:


In other words; your question.


The multiple choice items can be presented in a vertical or a horizontal order.

Selection limit

This number indicates how many items can be selected by your user.

  • When the limit is set to one only one item can be selected, selecting a different item will automatically deselect the other.
  • When the limit is set to two or more, all other items will be grayed out when the selection limit is reached.


The options you want your user to choose from.

Mark as required

Turning this option on will require the user to select at least 1 item regardless off the selection limit.