The “Yes/No” component is a simplified version of the “Radio options” component and only provides 2 possible options. Therefore it is called “Yes/No”, only one of the 2 can be selected.



You can state your question in this property.


This property defines how the list will be be presented on the form and can either vertical or horizontal. When you set this property to horizontal FormFinch will place the options next to if this fits the screen that is used to view the form.

Label for first option

The text of your first answer

Label for second option

The text of your second answer

Default selection

This can be either none or one of your options.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Yes/No submissions

The submission data of this component will contain either nothing or the text value of the first or second option.