Publishing a form

Are you satisfied with the design of your form and ready to share it with the world? Or is already published but you changed the design and want update your live form with the changes? In both cases you will need to publish your form.

How to publish your form

Publishing a form is a fairly easy process:

  1. Open the form you want to publish in the formdesign
  2. Press “Publish”

If FormFinch can not detect any errors on your form it will now be published and you will be presented with different sharing options.

Link sharing

The link FormFinch provides can be copied and therefore be used on any medium you want to share it on. Whether you want to share it on social media, e-mail, social messaging or as a link on your own website.

Embedding a form

You will also get an embed code which can be used to embed the form on your own website. How this is done depends entirely on how you own website is build. For most sites that don’t use a Content Management System(CMS) you can just copy the code and past it anywhere within the body tag of your html page or variant thereof. If you do use a CMS it might require a plugin or another specific type of action you need to complete before being able to embed a form. Form more information you should consult the manufacturer’s website of your CMS.