Account limits

Every FormFinch plan has account limits regarding the amount of forms you can publish, the number of submissions you can collect and how many times forms can be viewed.


With FormFinch you can change plans whenever you want, even during a billing cycle. This enables you to make sure you never pay more than you absolutely need to for long periods of time. However, this also means that you might have reached the limitations of a lower plan when you downgrade. Not only the amount of published forms are important to watch at this time, also be careful not to exceed the limitation on views and/or submissions, if you want to be sure your forms remain accessible after a downgrade.

What happens if account limits have been reached

Before you reach account limits you will receive a notification within FormFinch that you are nearing those limits. When either the amount of views or submissions are at their limits all forms will be temporarily closed until the beginning of the next billing cycle. These are monthly limits after all.

When you have reached the maximum amount of forms you can publish, you will also be notified. If you try to publish another form a message will appear that you will either have to close a published form first or upgrade your account.