System Requirements

FormFinch works on any modern popular browser with an internet connection. For the best experience and for your own security we recommend you keep your browser updated for we cannot guarantee that FormFinch will work on browsers that are more than 2 versions older than the current version.

Supported browser are:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

Although the conditions for creating forms on a mobile device are not optimal because of the limited screen size FormFinch also works on the mobile versions of these browsers. Filling out forms is on the other hand just as easy as on the desktop version.

What About Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer(IE) is the predecessor of Edge but because Edge is only available for Windows 10 users we do provide limited support to IE11. FormFinch does work on IE11 but some functionality might be less optimal than in another browser and we won’t sacrifice new functionality just because it doesn’t work in IE11.

Filling out forms is not a problem on IE11 because the functionality is less complex than that of FormFinch itself. If in the future we offer a component that doesn’t work on a form in this browser we will of course notify you.

I use a browser that is not on the list

In most cases that won’t be a problem and there is a good chance that FormFinch will work as expected. Most browser vendors are using the same standards and some even use the same base code (engine) to create their browser. The problem is that there are a lot of browsers and we can’t test them all, so we try to focus on those that are used by the most people.

If you do encounter a problem with a browser, you can always contact FormFinch support and we will see if it is something that can be easily fixed. We can not guarantee that we can however, because some issues might be hard to resolve and that takes away to much time that we would rather invest in creating new features.