Currency Amount

When you don’t need regular numbers but specifically any type of currency you can use the “Currency Amount” component. This component does not only set the currency symbol in front of your input field, it also determines the correct formatting of the amount.


A “Currency Amount” component has the following properties.


The default label of this component is “Amount”, but you are free to change it to anything you like. If you don’t need a label you can simply remove it by removing the text and leaving it blank.


The currency type is set to euro by default, but FormFinch offers a wide range of currencies to pick from. So whether you need a US dollar, a Russian ruble or a Mexican peso, we have got you covered.

Default Amount

This property let’s you choose a default amount if you wish to use it.

Minimum Amount

Here you can specify the minimum amount that be set.

Maximum Amount

If you want to set a allowed maximum amount you can specify that here. It of course needs to be higher than the minimum amount.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Currency amount submissions

Currency amount submissions include both the currency as well as the amount that has been submitted.