The “Number” component can be used for any type of number, either with or without decimals. The number input field comes with the recognizable up and down arrows that can be used to increase or decrease the number, but of course simple typing it is also possible. If you are looking for a component specifically for currencies we recommend you to use the “Currency Amount” component instead.


The “Number” component has the following properties.


The default label of this component is simply “Number”, you can change this to your question or clear the label altogether if that fits your form better.

Allowed number of decimals

When you want to allow decimal numbers you can increase the amount of decimals up to 8.

Add / reduce in steps of

This property has effect on how the up and down arrows in the number field and on the keyboard work. The default value of this property is 1 which effectively means that each time an arrow is pressed the value of the number increases or decreases with 1. For example when the value of the input is 2 and we press the up arrow(+1) the new value will be 3.

When you allow decimals (see allowed number of decimals) this property can also be set to a decimal value, which in some cases makes more sense than adding whole number when the arrows are used.

Min. value

With this property you can specify the minimum allowed value. Because the “Number” component support negative numbers, make sure you set this property to 0 if you don’t allow a negative number as an answer.

Max. value

Here you can specify the maximum value of the number that can be given as an answer. The highest possible value that FormFinch supports is: 999.999.999.999,00000000, which should be enough in most cases.

Default value

When there is a value that most of users enter, or you expect there will be, you can consider adding a default value. This can help your users by speeding up the time it takes to fill in your form, which in turn can have a positive effect on the amount of submissions you receive.

Add label after number input

Especially when dealing with types of measurement it is always important to specify which units are used before anyone can give a correct answer to your question. For example: How far do you need to drive to work each day? Can not be answered without knowing whether it concerns miles, kilometers or even minutes.

To help you avoid confusion amongst your users, FormFinch offers this property which enables you to add a label after the number input that can be used to add the necessary information.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Number submission

Number submissions in FormFinch and exported as an .xlsx will appear on separate table cells in the same format as they are submitted.

However, number submissions that are exported as a .csv file type will always contain a dot instead of a comma when they include decimals. The reason for this is the nature of the .csv file type which literally stands for Comma Separated Value. Therefore we can not keep the decimal comma and need to convert them to dots, otherwise a decimal value will be interpreted as 2 separated values.

Whether you export your submission to .xlsx or .csv in both cases the will be recognized as a number by popular programs that are most widely used to open these kind of files.