Radio Options

Just like the “Checklist” the “Radio options” component consists of a question that can be answered by selecting an item within a list of possible options. Unlike a “Checklist” only one item can be selected at any time. In that regard the “Radio Options” component is similar to the “Yes/No” component, but with the added possibility to contain more than 2 items.



You can use this property to add your question.


This property defines how the list will be be presented on the form and can either vertical or horizontal. When you set this property to horizontal FormFinch will place as much options as possible next to each other before it starts another row. This of course depends on the length of the options and the size of the screen that is used to view the form.


An option consist of a radio button with it’s own label (the answer). To select an option by default you can activate the appropriate radio button in the properties panel. An option can be added by pressing the “add option” button, be rearranged by dragging and be deleted by pressing the “trash can” icon.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Radio option submissions

Submissions of radio options will only contain the text value of the selected option.