Short Question

For all questions that can have a relatively short answer, and are not of a specific type that requires the use of another component, you can use the “Short question” component. The maximum amount of characters a “Short answer” can contain is 300. If you want longer question you can use the “Long question” component instead.


The “Short question” component is relatively basic and therefore has only a few properties.


This property can contain your question but you can leave is blank. If you want multiple input fields for one question, you can fill in the label of the first “Short question” and add another one right below it. This can be useful if you for example want 2 lines for an address.

Hint text

A hint tekst will be displayed in the input field and can be used to provide your audience with hints to correctly answer the question you asked. Once the input field is selected the hint text will disappear allowing the user to type their answer.

To stick with the multi address line example: You can create 2 “Short question” components of which the first has the label “Address” and the hint text “Address Line 1”. The second can have no label but with the “Address Line 2” hint text, so your users can clearly understand the purpose of the extra line.

Min. length

The minimum length of the answer.

Max. length

The maximum length of the answer if you want it to be even shorter than 300 characters.

Mark as required

If you want to require the user to answer this question before submitting your form you can turn this option on.

Short question submissions

The submission data of a “Short question” will be saved as its text value.