Decorating text with Markdown

FormFinch supports Markdown which you can use to decorate the text elements like questions and titles. All you need to do is to place special characters around the text you want to decorate. To help you learn how you can use Markdown in FormFinch we compiled a list of examples.

Markdown Cheatsheet

Italic*example text*example text
Bold**example text**example text
Underline__example text__example text
Strikethrough~~example text~~example text

You can also combine these styles to make words, for example, bold and italic.

Bold and Italic***example text***example text
Bold and Underline__**example text**__example text
Bold and Strikethrough~~**example text**~~example text
Italic and Underline__*example text*__example text
Italic and Strikethrough~~*example text*~~example text
Underline and Strikethrough__~~example text~~__example text
All decorations__~~***example text***~~__example text

The Plain Text components property Text also supports titles. This way you won’t need to use separate Plain Text and Title Components, but you can instead insert titles directly into the Plain Text. All title styles will look the same way as the corresponding heading styles.

ExampleCorresponding Heading Level
# My TitleHeading 1
## My TitleHeading 2
### My TitleHeading 3
#### My TitleHeading 4
##### My TitleHeading 5
###### My TitleHeading 6

Text elements that can be decorated

These styles can be applied to the following components:

Plain TextText
Submit Button (only with a customized thank you page)Title
Currency AmountLabel
Drop-down ListLabel
Long QuestionLabel
Multiple ChoiceLabel
 Label after number input
Radio OptionsLabel
 Add label for lowest option
 Add label for highest option
Short questionLabel
 Label for first option
 Label for second option

Decorating sentences that include special characters

Some sentences include special characters that are also used to decorate text. One example is: “Fields marked with an * are required”. Normally you could make this sentence italic by typing an asterisk at the beginning and end of the sentence. However, because there is an asterisk within the sentence the result will be:

*Fields marked with an * are required* Fields marked with an required

This can be avoided by decorating the individual parts of the sentence, both before and after the original asterisk.

*Fields marked with an* **are required* Fields marked with an * are required

Making the sentence bold or italic and bold instead can be achieved in the following way:

**Fields marked with an** ***are required** Fields marked with an * are required
***Fields marked with an*** **** are required*** Fields marked with an * are required

If you use special characters that are different from the ones you use to decorate text, you can do this simply by only placing the appropriate Markdown characters before and after the sentence:

**Cats & dogs are both lovely creatures** Cats & dogs are both lovely creatures
__ A * is called an asterisk__ A * is called an asterisk

FormFinch Tips

Be careful with using underlined text because it can easily be mistaken for a link.

If you like this feature, need more decorating options or think Markdown is to hard to learn, please let us know by hitting the feedback button in the FormFinch app. Of course you can also contact support to share your thoughts or let us know how we can help you and improve FormFinch.